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Sia - Troubadour, April 2, 2006

Sia - Troubadour, April 2, 2006
Don't Bring Me Down
Destiny (Zero 7)
Blow It All Away
I Go To Sleep (Pretenders/Ray Davies)
Breathe Me
Sea Shells
Distractions (Zero 7)
Somersault (Zero 7)

This was the first of two sold out nights at the Troubadour. The venue was packed, but Shenny and I were able to get up along the front on the left side of the stage. Eagle and Talon opened. E and T consisted of two women, one Chinese and one some sort of Middle Eastern descent, I think. The drummer looked like she was having a blast and the singer had a sweet voice, but the sound was uber crappy and I couldn't understand a word.

Sia put on what felt like two different shows - a set of chill songs and then a comedy act in between, telling jokes, dancing around, introducing the band by their "x-rated" names, and flashing jazz hands.

Sia handed out pink 3-D glasses to the crowd right before Somersault. I was handed a stack and people started clawing me so I gave a couple to the people around me than threw the rest to the people in the back. I forgot to give Shenny a pair. When you looked through the glasses at the christmas lights that were draped all over the stage and on the columns, you could see pink 3-D hearts.

Great show. Amazing voice.
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