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New Pornographers/Destroyer/Immaculate Machine@the commodore,923/05 Vancouver,BC

let me start by saying, the last week has been very odd for me. I have been discovered by my federal government, then undiscovered(apparently) again. Money is involved. A lot. I should have it, and i dont, and its not my fault.
Also, intentions were had today. Signals got crossed Wires got mixed. Wait, scratch that, reverse it. THings worked out in the end, but....i needed this show to be phenomenal. I needed this month of transitory weirdness,love trouble, money trouble, and amorphous nonsense to make sense some how. To culminate, come to a head. My ears, they ring.
I have just spent five hours surrounded by:a drunk girl whose "wooooo" was simultaneously haunting and annoying,until i turned around and was practically slapped in the face by her tit falling out of her top, a drunk guy who kept yelling for neko case solo songs(she ain't gonna play lady pilot(or lamey piggot, as the drummer shouted back at one point) no matter how loud you get), and my doppleganger and his sexy asian girlfreind. She had glasses. That somehow made her sexier x100. And that she was dating Alternate Universe Liam(aka what i'd have looked like had i not shaved before going out this afternoon) was a nice ego stroke.
So, then, the music.
Immaculate Machine played first. They're from Victoria. Carl Newman's neice is their singer. They are the greatest new wave band since Squeeze. It's like if every song Squeeze ever did was as immediate and fun as Pulling Mussels from a Shell, they would be this band. Check em out, if you can. Their singer is also the second keyboardist for the NPs. I bought their new CD. It should be kickass.

Destroyer played next. This is essentially the pet project of one mr. dan bejar(pronounced bay-har, unless you're neko case, in which case it rhymes with ajar. They're basically what it would sound like if isaac brock fronted a more rock-oriented sonic youth. I hate them on record. They sound samey, and his voice annoys me. However, there was something about them live that was undeniable. "An Actor's Revenge" and a song i think he called "speedbumps" were especially good. The set seemed to go on a bit long, though.

Finally, around 11pm, the new pornographers came out. Carl Newman in a cool looking sonic unyon shirt, neko case in a crazy ass stevie-nicks, sleeves past the floor butterfly dress(she said there was another one for the keyboardist, but there was so much sleeve she couldn't fit it in the suitcase:P). They opened with the title track off their new Twin Cinema album, and ran from there. two and a quarter hours and some twenty-some-odd songs later they closed with a phenomenal "Jackie" from their debut, Mass Romantic. In between there were many highlights, including All for Swinging You Around, the drummer singing "Break on Through". Misleading Dan Bejar into thinking he'd been drug onstage to sing "tubthumping". The best part for me though was their impromptu(or seemingly so) cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Thunder Only Happens When it's Raining". Usually, i hate the Mac. Lots. I was raised listening to Stevie Nicks, and there's always been something.....billygoatish about her to me. Were i to see her, bearded, being herded by a sherpa, it would not surprise me. But Neko Case, somehow, carried it off. The nine foot sleeves and twirling helped. There is such a sense of joy to this band's music. Even the songs about depressing horrible things, like decaying relationships and alcoholism and whatever "Jackie Dressed in Cobras" is about....its done in such a way as you cant help bouncing around shouting rhythmic nonsense until you find out what the words are. I think the keyboards are this band's real secret weapon, and Neko Case's voice, which could make a telephone directory sound sexy. i also like that their guitarist sorta looks like Mike Judge, or at least someone who'd been drawn by him.
I had the MOST fun at this show, i'm sore from midspine down and couldn't be happier
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