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Weezer in Detroit - May 5, 2005

Well, tonight was the Weezer concert! Needless to say, it was great. That's either the 7th or 8th time I've seen them, and I've never been disappointed. Dave and I left early to get in line so we could get some seats and a good spot on the main floor.

We parked at Greektown, thinking we would take the people mover over to the State Theatre. Well, it was out of commission tonight, so we had to walk. It was only about a mile, not too bad. We saw the line from the distance, and even though we were there an hour before doors opened, the line was pretty long. Shortly after we jumped in line, Dan, Jamie, and Spoonman joined us. I had an extra ticket to sell because Kirsten was supposed to go with us, but she ended up not being able to make it. Now I'm not the type to try to sell a ticket outside of a concert, I'm just not very good at it. But Jamie had Kev's ticket (he couldn't go because his band was playing a show in Flint tonight), so Jamie had a ticket to get rid of also. As people walked by, I yelled "anyone need a main floor ticket?" and felt like that annoying guy outside of a concert trying to scalp tickets. I also yelled "I got em real cheap, just need to get rid of em!" But to no avail. I was stuck with it. Jamie and I even walked up and down the line asking people, but it was a no go. Finally, this girl standing behind us who had a balcony ticket said she'd give me $10 and her balcony ticket for my ticket. I said I'd take $20 and it was over.

So I only lost half the money for that ticket. Ah well, I learned my lesson. However, the rest of the night was smooth sailing. Everything went according to plan. We went into the State Theatre and went straight to the tables and chairs. We grabbed two tables and 5 chairs and pulled them up to the railing next to the sound booth. It was perfect. Best view I've ever had at that venue. On occasion, a few of us would leave the table to go to either get food, beer, smoke, or to the bathroom, and the rest of us had to "guard the table". It was like we had set up camp. Everyone around us was jealous. Those poor people all wanted our seats, but they really should've come an hour early like we did. I will go that early for any State Theatre show for now on, it was completely worth every minute of waiting!

The opening band called Ringside was decent. They sounded like Coldplay, Travis, and a little bit of Keane. Not much Weezer influence at all, but they were enjoyable. I was surprised when Spoonman agreed with me that they were good (he's into a lot heavier stuff usually) and Dave liked them too.

When Weezer hit the stage, the place went nuts as expected. They played mostly old crowd favorites and a few off of the new album. Brian, the other guitarist, sang "Getchoo", which was strange, so it actually sounded like a cover of the original. That was interesting. The best performances of the night were definitely "In the Garage", "No One Else", and "My Name Is Jonas". I also really liked "We Are All On Drugs" and "Peace", but most of the new stuff didn't draw the greatest crowd's response. That's probably because only a few of us have access to the new album right now. ;) It doesn't get released for sale until next Tuesday.

All in all, a great show though. I was unhappy about Rivers' lack of enthusiasm for the show, that always hurts the performance factor at a concert, but his bandmates made up for it and they always sound excellent on stage, regardless of how they look.

Tired of Sex
In the Garage
Pardon Me
Buddy Holly
No One Else
Hold Me
Say It Ain't So
Island in the Sun
We Are All On Drugs
Beverly Hills
Haunt You Every Day
Hash Pipe
My Name Is Jonas

Undone (Sweater Song)
The Good Life
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