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Avril Lavigne, 11/03/04 at the Palace of Auburn Hills, MI

I had bought tickets to the show a couple of months back. I am a fan, for sure. I first heard her new album back in May on Rhapsody and was pretty blown away. For a pop/rock album, this one is way up there. But there was one song I heard called "Freak Out" that I heard which made me know I had to see this concert when I could. Although parking was FIFTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS at the Palace (WTF?), that was the last bad thing that happened the whole concert.

Butch Walker was the opener. A good choice, I must say. I've listened to his stuff a few times and I also have two of this former band's CDs - they were called The Marvelous 3. They had a hit single back in 1998 called "Freak of the Week" which is an undeniably catchy tune. But Butch didn't play it for whatever reason. That's okay, his solo stuff is a bit different. He was pretty good, but not excellent. I think American Hi-Fi was his backup band, which was sorta cool.

I was impressed with how quickly Avril and her band made it to the stage. Most bands take way too frickin' long. She broke into the show with "He Wasn't", admittedly my least favorite songs on the new record, but it was good to get the crowd pumped up. It's one of her faster guitar-driven songs. Next, she immediately jumped into "My Happy Ending" which is a good one, but I was surprised she played it so quick.

The set list looked something like this, definitely not in the exact right order:
He Wasn't
My Happy Ending
Skater Boy
Freak Out
Together (Avril on piano)
Forgotten (Avril on piano)
Who Knows
I'm With You
Tomorrow (acoustic)
Nobody's Home (acoustic)
Song 2 (Blur cover, sung by Butch Walker w/ Avril on drums)
Don't Tell Me
Slipped Away (a good ending with just Avril on piano)

The Song 2 cover was only decent, but it was fun. I like seeing bands have a good time on stage like that, you could tell they really enjoy just screwing around and having a good time.

I must say though, Avril is much better looking in person. Hmm. Another thing - I really enjoyed the fact that most of the crowd were little was the first time I've ever been on the main floor that I could see the entire stage PERFECTLY throughout the whole show!! We were up pretty close, but as many people that were in front of us, I was never not able to see what was going on! I loved that.

It was a great show, it was fun, energetic, not TOO loud like most concerts are, and exciting to watch. I like most of her songs so that helps too. I mean, the girl played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, and drums. I know that there are plenty of musicians that can do all of that, but most of us commonfolk can't, so that impresses someone like me. She's definitely a talented musician and songwriter in my eyes....and she knows how to get a crowd's energy level up. I'd see her again.
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