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buck 65 @ starlight lounge, waterloo, ontario - 29.01.04

I saw Mr. Stinkin Rich a few nights ago and I have to say it was sort of a scary $15 spectacle. Upon entering the Starlight Lounge, my beautifully designed ticket was revoked from the ticket-taker. I was hoping to keep it because I like doing that, alas, disappointment number one. Then, as I was attempting to orient myself amongst a cluster of people and parkas, I found myself being hit in the arm my a girl with a 'quirky' hat: "Hey. Take a button." So I did. "Buck 65," it read. "Oh. Free stuff - suspicious yet righteous," I thought. Still trying to find my way through the throng, I was accosted AGAIN. Another Warner rep, another funny hat - fantastic. "Yo - if you fill out this postcard with your vitals and a story about a roadtrip, you could win !" I said politely that I didn't have a good roadtrip story, so no thank-you. Then I was accused of having no imagination - so I filled out a postcard that said, "Buck - what's with the postcards?" and was promptly asked if I wanted my picture taken with Buck 65 for the internet. I declined.

This first bit put me in a rather foul mood.

After what seemed like an oddly long period of waiting, the Ratfish made his way out and true to his 'funky octogenarian' style, put on a pleasing but slightly awkward (what was with QOTSA's "No One Knows" as the background music for "Food"?) show. It might have been the audience, it might have been the heaving plethora of Warner reps.. who knows? But this concert reeked of artificiality and Buck 65 was definitely not living up to previous performances.


Near the end Buck got good and his stories got better. This guy has excellent stage presence. Another redeeming factor: for an encore, he did a great montage of songs from his previous work (interestingly, these CDs have all been rereleased by Warner - I wonder if he was put up to it?). If you ever see him, ask him to tell you the one about 'Greltch'.

And tell him to lose Les Vaudevillains - they didn't jive.
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