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Shiny Toy Guns May 11, 2006

Shiny Toy Guns Shiny Toy Guns (myspace)
Kill Hannah
Clear Static

Key Club
Hollywood, CA
May 11, 2006

This show sold out. I didn't realize STG and Clear Static were local bands with pretty good local followings. I was able to get a ticket from someone in line without getting scalped, but in the process, I missed most of the first band's set. I didn't catch their name.

Everyone around me was there for Shiny Toy Guns. They are from LA, but I had never heard of them. Iliff got me in to them. He saw them open for Bob Mould when he toured with a full band and gave me a copy of their cd saying telling me that I would love them or else... And I did enough to go to a sold out show without a ticket. They make me think of all the good stuff from the 80's minus the cheese. If David Gahan, Duran Duran, and Garbage had a kid, they would be it. STG's drummer was an animal on the skins. The guitarist would trade off lead/backing vocal duties with Carah, who played keyboard/synthisizer. They back each other very nicely. I like how the focus wasn't on the the girl (Carah) or the guy (guitarist/singer), but on the entire band. Set was upbeat electronic to groove dance rock. Their cover of Stripped (DM not Britany Spears) was to die for. They stripped and slowed it down and it ended their set nicely.

You Are the One
Rainy Monday
Starts with One (new song)
Le Disko
Sky Fell Over Me
Don't Cry Out

I Promise You Walls
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