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Dashboard Confessional in Saginaw, MI - 4/22/06

This show was meant to be Dashboard Confessional, solo and acoustic. Since Chris Carraba writes all the songs and on most of the records he has performed all of the music, he basically is Dashboard Confessional.

The opening band, fronted by John Raulston, was pretty good. I bought their CD for $5 and I must admit I liked them better in concert than I do on CD, but there are some good tracks. Definitely worth the small amount of money I paid for it. Anyway, their performance was definitely noteworthy. I rarely see an opening band I've never heard of and really enjoy their set. But I did with this one.

DBC came on a bit after 9pm. Just as expected, they opened with their fan favorite, "The Sharp Hint of New Tears".

Although this performance was advertised as just being Carraba and his guitar, but he "brought some friends along" and said "this is Dashboard Confessional for tonight". I believed him that they were just a group of his friends because most of them were in the opening band as well. In fact, in a rare concert occurence, Carraba himself played in the opening band himself for the full set.

So most of the DBC performance was two acoustic guitars and a violin. It sounded pretty great. Besides the first track, other highlights included "The Place That You Have Come To Fear The Most" and "Again I Go Unnoticed". Some songs had piano also.

I recognized most of the songs, but I don't know the names of a lot of them. When they came back for an encore, they played another one of my favorite songs of theirs, "The Best Deceptions". What a great song. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

The absolute highlight of the show for me was when Chris Carraba played a cover song actually. I like the way he introduced it too. He said that he hears stories all the time about the emotional impact that his songs have on his fans. So he wanted to play a song by a band that gives him those feelings. He played "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead. It was phenomenal. I was a bit misty-eyed. He hit everything dead on.

I loved the way they ended the show. They basically grabbed the electric guitars, brought out a drummer, and turned up the energy. They played a two song electric set of "Vindicated" and "Hands Down". Both songs sounded awesome. I know that the electric version of "Hands Down" is a hit song, but I was surprised that after an all-acoustic show, they didn't play the acoustic version of it, considering that's what the song was originally recorded as on an older EP.

I'm glad they ended it that way though. It was definitely a sort of, we played you a mellow show all night, here's what to expect on the summer tour kind of thing.

Here are the songs that I know the names of that they played, but there were a lot more. There were like 3 in a row that are on one of his first two CDs that tell a story, but I didn't catch the names.

The Sharp Hint of New Tears
As Lovers Go
The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
Am I Missing
So Impossible
Ghost of a Good Thing
Fake Plastic Trees
Again I Go Unnoticed
Screaming Infidelities
Don't Wait (brand new song on the new album due in June)
The Best Deceptions
Hands Down

I saw Dashboard Confessional in Hawaii where they played a full electric set and a couple of acoustic songs. It was cool to see the opposite this time. I'll definitely see them again.
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