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Nada Surf live at the Magic Stick, Detroit, MI - 3/6/06

What a great show. Sounded great, lots of energy. I love it when you can tell that a band has a passion for the music they're playing and you can tell they love being up there to perform it. All 3 guys in the band are great performers. They invited people on stage for "Blankest Year" which added to the fun of that song ("Aw fuck it, I'm gonna have a party"). Everything sounded really good. As goes with all music, some songs I like more than others, but man oh man, they played just about everything I could've asked for! It's like they played my request list or something! I loved it. They missed a few old ones, but that's to be expected. They played just about everything off of the last 2 albums, and were very minimal with the first 2. But I'm so glad they played "Amateur" and "80 Windows". "Inside of Love" and "Blonde on Blonde" sounded great again just like last time and "Always Love" and "Blankest Year" were awesome to hear in concert. I also really enjoyed when it was just Matt (the lead singer) and his acoustic guitar on songs like "Blizzard of '77" and "Your Legs Grow". "Hyperspace" was a perfect ending to a great show. It's always been one of my absolute favorites of Nada Surf.

Here's the setlist as far as I remember. The only thing I'm sure about regarding the order is what came before the break, and what they played after the break. Plus, I know that "Hi-Speed Soul" was first.

Hi-Speed Soul
Concrete Bed
Happy Kid
Killians Red
What is Your Secret?
Inside of Love
Fruit Fly
Always Love
Do It Again
Paper Boats
Blankest Year
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths cover)
The Way You Wear Your Head
Blizzard of '77
Imaginary Friends
In the Mirror
Your Legs Grow
Blonde on Blonde

I can't wait to go see them again!! Very good show. My only complaint was that they started really late, so therefore, Nada Surf didn't finish until 12:30. But they played for almost 2 hours, so that was nice of them!
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