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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
7:53 am
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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
3:14 pm
Take-Aways and Busking!
I've been really into busking/take-away shows of bands I've been listening to. I have yet to actually see any of these impromptu live shows take place, but I'm always on the look-out! Anyone else gone to see their favorite bands play take-away shows? Right now I'm really liking These United States, so naturally I've been watching this:

Watch the full concert at baeblemusic.com
Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
3:12 pm
Ready, aim, fire
Hello, music fans. Just thought I'd drop in to let you all know that some real music worth listening to is finally on it's way again. Green Day is releasing a new album on May 15th, titled 21st Century Breakdown. Below is a widget where you can check out the new single, Know Your Enemy, and follow what the band has going on right now. Release is only days away, so hurry and secure your copy!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008
8:24 pm
Enter Shikari 05-09-07 - Brighton Dome
I personally love Enter Shikari, and was so excited for this concert. It was so worth the wait. 

There were two support acts - Your Demise and Hundred Reasons, I had heard of both of these bands, but was not struck on them, but seeing them live changed my view on them. Both bands put everything into there live shows...

As for Enter Shikari, well, they were incredible.

You could tell that they put every ounce of their energy into their live performance. They were running around like animals, jumping into the crowd and just being a fun band to watch. They had two, well, models of monsters which added to the visual aspect to the show. They also had a camera, which would show close-ups (including nostril shots) of each of the band members as they were performing.

The set list included
Stand your ground, this is ancient land
Enter Shikari
The Feast
No Sweat
Anything can Happen in the next half hour 
Return To Energizer
Sorry Your Not A Winner
Ok Time For Plan B

This band is a band you simply have to see live! 


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Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
1:00 am
Yellowcard, Matchbook Romance, Rock Kills Kid, and Hedley at St. Andrews 7-9-06
I wasn't expecting this concert to be nearly as good as it was. 3 bands were awesome, 1 was okay.

We arrived early because I wanted to catch Rock Kills Kid whom I was worried would be playing first. Luckily, when we walked in, Hedley was playing, but we actually ended up seeing most of their set. Hedley is this band from Vancouver fronted by this young cocky sumbitch. He was just LOVING the attention he was getting on stage, but I give these guys an A+ for showmanship. They went over great with the crowd and they had an awesome performance, not only because their music was good, but because they played on the crowd really well. I looked them up and found out that the lead singer was on Canadian Idol because he tried out on a $150 dare. He ended up making it to the finals, then pleaded with his fans to vote him off because he had enough and he wanted to go back to his band Hedley. Interesting. I'll be looking forward to that record in September.

Rock Kills Kid was up next. I checked them out earlier in the evening on Rhapsody and was very impressed. Very 80s vibe. I compare them to the Bravery, but not as much energy. I really enjoyed their set. Very dancy and sounded great. They played most of their debut album, which I bought at the show. I love it.

I thought I would enjoy Matchbook Romance more than I did. I listened to their first record a few months back and liked it. But their new one just sounds like that other Romance band, My Chemical Romance. Not a big fan of that whiny screamo stuff. The music is okay, but it borders a bit too much on metal and doesn't emphasize the punk enough. And I don't like screaming in music EVER. I could've done without their performance, but they had a lot to live up to after hearing how good the first two bands were.

Yellowcard didn't go on until almost 10:30. I was a bit worried that it would be one of those shows that ends promptly at 11pm and then I was going to be pissed off that they only played for half an hour, justifying it by the fact that there were 4 bands. But it was a regular headlining show for Yellowcard. They played for well over an hour. I was more than satisfied with their performance.

As soon as they broke into their first song, "Breathing", I knew we were in for it. Rebecca had come with me because she likes Yellowcard also. It's one of the very few bands that we both really agree on. Everything sounded great on stage. The violin sounded almost too perfect. It made me get paranoid that it was pre-recorded, but after a while, I realized that it was not and the violinist was just THAT good.

Yellowcard is one of those rare bands that despite the complications of having a violin in the band, can sound EXACTLY like their recordings if they want to. But then they throw some change-ups in there to keep things interesting. I was very impressed with what they did. A very talented group of musicians.

They played most of their new album and a good amount from their first. I didn't like the second nearly as much as the first....but after the live show, I appreciated the new songs SO much more. I love when that happens. Now I want to listen to the new one more!

Highlights of the show were predictable because they happen to be my favorite songs by the band. "Ocean Avenue" sounded great. That song reminds of me of Hawaii, so I connect with that song on a personal level. I was VERY impressed that they played "Believe" which has always been my favorite song of theirs. I love the story that it tells. The surprising performance was when they busted out the acoustics and did "One Year, Six Months" toward the end. Wow, that sounded perfect. Then of course "Way Away" was played second to last and that really should've been the show-ender because it was a great way to end. I considered the very last song to be sort of a bonus track, if you will. I love the story he told for "Waiting Game" about why he wrote it. It made that song so much more important and better in my opinion. "Martin Sheen or JFK" was another new one that I didn't think too much about until they played it live.

The set list looked something like this:
October Nights
Life of a Salesman
Sure Thing Falling
Down On My Head
Ocean Avenue
Holly Wood Died
City of Devils
Martin Sheen or JFK
Space Travel
Rough Landing, Holly
Waiting Game
One Year, Six Months
Way Away
Lights and Sounds

The only disappointment in the setlist was the absence of "View From Heaven". It's not really a concert song, but it would've been a cool acoustic number. Oddly enough, I'm not even sure whether they played "Only One" or not. It's one of my favorites, but I can't remember, there were so many good ones. I'll have to ask Rebecca.

Awesome concert though, From the two openers to the Yellowcard performance, I can't say enough good things. I was really glad that they moved it from the State Theatre to St. Andrews. It wouldn't have been nearly as good and we wouldn't have had as good of a view either.
Sunday, May 14th, 2006
4:13 pm
Shiny Toy Guns May 11, 2006
Shiny Toy Guns Shiny Toy Guns (myspace)
Kill Hannah
Clear Static

Key Club
Hollywood, CA
May 11, 2006

This show sold out. I didn't realize STG and Clear Static were local bands with pretty good local followings. I was able to get a ticket from someone in line without getting scalped, but in the process, I missed most of the first band's set. I didn't catch their name.

Everyone around me was there for Shiny Toy Guns. They are from LA, but I had never heard of them. Iliff got me in to them. He saw them open for Bob Mould when he toured with a full band and gave me a copy of their cd saying telling me that I would love them or else... And I did enough to go to a sold out show without a ticket. They make me think of all the good stuff from the 80's minus the cheese. If David Gahan, Duran Duran, and Garbage had a kid, they would be it. STG's drummer was an animal on the skins. The guitarist would trade off lead/backing vocal duties with Carah, who played keyboard/synthisizer. They back each other very nicely. I like how the focus wasn't on the the girl (Carah) or the guy (guitarist/singer), but on the entire band. Set was upbeat electronic to groove dance rock. Their cover of Stripped (DM not Britany Spears) was to die for. They stripped and slowed it down and it ended their set nicely.

You Are the One
Rainy Monday
Starts with One (new song)
Le Disko
Sky Fell Over Me
Don't Cry Out

I Promise You Walls
Monday, April 24th, 2006
10:10 pm
Ro Chambeaux and the Circus Freaks
Molly Malone's
Los Angeles, CA
April 21, 2006

I had another fine evening at Molly Malone's. I like it because it's a bar with music, so the bar has bar prices, not like a music venue with a bar ($7 Coronas, WTF?). MM is split in to two rooms, bar and music, both about the same size. All (three) of the times I've been there, the sound has been great. I went to see Exit and Ro Chamboux which are both Los Angeles area bands.

Ro Chambeaux and the Circus Freaks
Highly entertaining, five piece - Ro on acoustic guitars and vocals, electric guitarist, bass, and two female backup singers/go-go dancers. Half of the songs were upbeat, raunchy dittys, and the backup singers make out on stage. What's not to like? Songs included Ro Chambeaux's choral intro, menege-trios(make out song), underwear, something about oral sex, and sad clown (the ballad of everyman trying to make an honest living). I was wiping tears out of my eyes, it was that good.

Rockin' quartet of ladies mixing originals with a couple of U2 covers. This was the second time I've seen them and their stage presence just wows me. The lead singer has a set of iron pipes. The guitarist is the best I've seen all year. The rhythm section is smokin'. My favorite original song was Like Fire. The vocals start of all low and then picks up. It's got a juicy bass line too. They debuted Wish You Could Know with just the singer and guitarist on acoustic.

Stories for Boys (U2)
Fit to Steal
Like Fire download
"U-who" (semi-untitled new song)
Wish You Could Know
give it up
Electric Co (U2)
Underglass (The Frames)
Ultraviolet (U2)

Shiny Toy Guns - May 11
KJEE Summer Roundup - June 11
Snow Patrol, Augustana - June 20
Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
2:03 am
Dashboard Confessional in Saginaw, MI - 4/22/06
This show was meant to be Dashboard Confessional, solo and acoustic. Since Chris Carraba writes all the songs and on most of the records he has performed all of the music, he basically is Dashboard Confessional.

The opening band, fronted by John Raulston, was pretty good. I bought their CD for $5 and I must admit I liked them better in concert than I do on CD, but there are some good tracks. Definitely worth the small amount of money I paid for it. Anyway, their performance was definitely noteworthy. I rarely see an opening band I've never heard of and really enjoy their set. But I did with this one.

DBC came on a bit after 9pm. Just as expected, they opened with their fan favorite, "The Sharp Hint of New Tears".

Although this performance was advertised as just being Carraba and his guitar, but he "brought some friends along" and said "this is Dashboard Confessional for tonight". I believed him that they were just a group of his friends because most of them were in the opening band as well. In fact, in a rare concert occurence, Carraba himself played in the opening band himself for the full set.

So most of the DBC performance was two acoustic guitars and a violin. It sounded pretty great. Besides the first track, other highlights included "The Place That You Have Come To Fear The Most" and "Again I Go Unnoticed". Some songs had piano also.

I recognized most of the songs, but I don't know the names of a lot of them. When they came back for an encore, they played another one of my favorite songs of theirs, "The Best Deceptions". What a great song. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

The absolute highlight of the show for me was when Chris Carraba played a cover song actually. I like the way he introduced it too. He said that he hears stories all the time about the emotional impact that his songs have on his fans. So he wanted to play a song by a band that gives him those feelings. He played "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead. It was phenomenal. I was a bit misty-eyed. He hit everything dead on.

I loved the way they ended the show. They basically grabbed the electric guitars, brought out a drummer, and turned up the energy. They played a two song electric set of "Vindicated" and "Hands Down". Both songs sounded awesome. I know that the electric version of "Hands Down" is a hit song, but I was surprised that after an all-acoustic show, they didn't play the acoustic version of it, considering that's what the song was originally recorded as on an older EP.

I'm glad they ended it that way though. It was definitely a sort of, we played you a mellow show all night, here's what to expect on the summer tour kind of thing.

Here are the songs that I know the names of that they played, but there were a lot more. There were like 3 in a row that are on one of his first two CDs that tell a story, but I didn't catch the names.

The Sharp Hint of New Tears
As Lovers Go
The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
Am I Missing
So Impossible
Ghost of a Good Thing
Fake Plastic Trees
Again I Go Unnoticed
Screaming Infidelities
Don't Wait (brand new song on the new album due in June)
The Best Deceptions
Hands Down

I saw Dashboard Confessional in Hawaii where they played a full electric set and a couple of acoustic songs. It was cool to see the opposite this time. I'll definitely see them again.
Monday, April 17th, 2006
10:09 pm

USC Springfest
April 15, 2006
Los Angeles, CA

Free shows are hard to say no to. Goldspot reminded me of Keane without the piano and a little more rockin'. Poor lead guy cut his hand up really badly trying to seperate a chunck of frozen tuna burgers with a cleaver.

Melee. Think something between Rooney and Something Corporate, minus the snot-nosed brattiness of SC. I don't want to talk about how many times I've SC unwillingly.

Ozma. The newly reformed Ozma was back in full form. The crowd was really in to it. Lots of songs about love, the one that got away, Dominos and Tetris.
Saturday, April 8th, 2006
11:31 pm
Sia - Troubadour, April 2, 2006
Sia - Troubadour, April 2, 2006
Don't Bring Me Down
Destiny (Zero 7)
Blow It All Away
I Go To Sleep (Pretenders/Ray Davies)
Breathe Me
Sea Shells
Distractions (Zero 7)
Somersault (Zero 7)

This was the first of two sold out nights at the Troubadour. The venue was packed, but Shenny and I were able to get up along the front on the left side of the stage. Eagle and Talon opened. E and T consisted of two women, one Chinese and one some sort of Middle Eastern descent, I think. The drummer looked like she was having a blast and the singer had a sweet voice, but the sound was uber crappy and I couldn't understand a word.

Sia put on what felt like two different shows - a set of chill songs and then a comedy act in between, telling jokes, dancing around, introducing the band by their "x-rated" names, and flashing jazz hands.

Sia handed out pink 3-D glasses to the crowd right before Somersault. I was handed a stack and people started clawing me so I gave a couple to the people around me than threw the rest to the people in the back. I forgot to give Shenny a pair. When you looked through the glasses at the christmas lights that were draped all over the stage and on the columns, you could see pink 3-D hearts.

Great show. Amazing voice.
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
2:04 am
Nada Surf live at the Magic Stick, Detroit, MI - 3/6/06
What a great show. Sounded great, lots of energy. I love it when you can tell that a band has a passion for the music they're playing and you can tell they love being up there to perform it. All 3 guys in the band are great performers. They invited people on stage for "Blankest Year" which added to the fun of that song ("Aw fuck it, I'm gonna have a party"). Everything sounded really good. As goes with all music, some songs I like more than others, but man oh man, they played just about everything I could've asked for! It's like they played my request list or something! I loved it. They missed a few old ones, but that's to be expected. They played just about everything off of the last 2 albums, and were very minimal with the first 2. But I'm so glad they played "Amateur" and "80 Windows". "Inside of Love" and "Blonde on Blonde" sounded great again just like last time and "Always Love" and "Blankest Year" were awesome to hear in concert. I also really enjoyed when it was just Matt (the lead singer) and his acoustic guitar on songs like "Blizzard of '77" and "Your Legs Grow". "Hyperspace" was a perfect ending to a great show. It's always been one of my absolute favorites of Nada Surf.

Here's the setlist as far as I remember. The only thing I'm sure about regarding the order is what came before the break, and what they played after the break. Plus, I know that "Hi-Speed Soul" was first.

Hi-Speed Soul
Concrete Bed
Happy Kid
Killians Red
What is Your Secret?
Inside of Love
Fruit Fly
Always Love
Do It Again
Paper Boats
Blankest Year
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths cover)
The Way You Wear Your Head
Blizzard of '77
Imaginary Friends
In the Mirror
Your Legs Grow
Blonde on Blonde

I can't wait to go see them again!! Very good show. My only complaint was that they started really late, so therefore, Nada Surf didn't finish until 12:30. But they played for almost 2 hours, so that was nice of them!
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
1:07 am
The "Foozer" show, Detroit, MI - Oct. 7, 05
As anticipation grew for this tour, Foo Fighters and Weezer fans rejoiced with the fact that two of the greatest surviving alternative rock bands of the 1990s would be playing shows together all across the U.S., deeming it "the Foozer show" on many occasions.

Although disappointed to hear that Foo Fighters would be headlining and Weezer would be opening for them, I was still looking forward to seeing both bands in concert.

We went into Joe Louis Arena around 8pm, which was just a bit late for Weezer unfortunately. I've never been late for a Weezer show, the excitement level was so high, it didn't seem to matter once we walked in. They were finishing up the first song of their set, "My Name is Jonas" from what we could hear, so we rushed in.

I, for one, was absolutely elated when we walked down the stairs to our seats and realized HOW CLOSE we were to the stage. Just as expected, these seats were 10 times better than main floor tickets, which is why I opted for them. We were the second section away from the stage off to stage right, and it ended up being the best view I could possibly imagine in the entire arena. We could see everything.

Not surprisingly, Weezer tore it up. I was so happy to see Weezer back in true form again. I saw them back in May and was a bit disappointed that the band didn't really seem to have a good time or care too much about entertaining the crowd. This time was a complete 180! They were more into the music and the show than I've seen them in years. I think I've seen Weezer 8 times now and this was one of the best. Surprising for an opener show!

The song they were knocking out when we took our seats was "Peace" off of the new album, quickly helping to boost it up on my list of favorite new Weezer tracks. It's a slower one, but a good concert song because of the emotion and the "ooo's" and "aahhh's" throughout.

I'm not sure on the order of the rest of the setlist, but I can list which songs they played. The important thing to note here is that they played MANY of the songs that I felt that they missed last time. Conveniently for us, it was sort of the more exciting sequel to the last Detroit show. Some songs that they didn't play last time, but gave us this time were "Perfect Situation" and "This Is Such a Pity" off of the new album. Two more of my favorite songs of the new one.

The definite highlight of the show was "El Scorcho" in which Rivers handed off his guitar to a backup player, and sang while walking around working the crowd and fooling around with the other band members. I've never seen Rivers perform on stage without a guitar, so this was interesting. He just looked to be having so much fun up there. I love to see that in a live performing band. The song sounded absolutely perfect.

This show made me realize how well the new bassist fits in with the band. Maybe he's finally finding his place. This brings me to another highlight. Scott the bassist sang "Dope Nose" while Rivers simply played lead guitar, which was a great way to switch things up. Other band members usually don't sing the songs and I've never heard Scott sing before, but he did a great job on that. Again, it sounded perfect.

Speaking of switching it up, Brian took the lead vox on "Why Bother?" again just like he did in May. That was cool to see again, it's a good song. I wonder if these songs were chosen by the band members themselves to sing, or maybe Rivers doesn't feel like singing these songs anymore and asked them to? Either way, it made the show more interesting and I like how it brought the rest of the band more to the forefront of the show for a while. Rivers went to the back and played the keyboard for that song.

Another HUGE highlight and one of the most surprising parts of the set was when Rivers said that he noticed that the Foo Fighters weren't playing "Big Me" in any of the shows, so they were going to play it for us instead. Wow, it sounded great! (I was lucky enough to snag an mp3 of that cover from the Mexico City show earlier this week) The crowd obviously went nuts with joy and excitement.

When they came back for their encore, Rivers surprised everyone by being in the back of the main floor on a mini-stage. He played "Island in the Sun" acoustic by himself. That was probably really cool for people in the back of the venue.

When Rivers came back to the stage, Brian the other guitarist had pulled a guy from the crowd to play guitar on the next song - The Sweater Song! That was pretty exciting for me to see, I can't even imagine how that guy felt. It sounded pretty together. Just imagine being able to say that you played onstage with Weezer, one of the greatest rock bands of our time! What was even better was that this kid had great showmanship along with the rest of the band. He interacted with the band members as he played, and he even jumped on backup vocals without being invited to! The band seemed pretty entertained by this and let him live out his rock star dream. The kid didn't go overboard though and he politely tried to hand the acoustic guitar back to Rivers, but Rivers said he could keep it. How awesome.

The final surprise and the show-ender was Pat the drummer coming to the front of the stage with Rivers taking over drums. He sang the hit song "Photograph", cutting it short only to bust into a cover of Blur's "Song 2"!!!! Wow, 2 covers in one show and Weezer rarely EVER does covers! Pat sounded awesome singing that song. I love that song and I'm so glad that they pleasured us with that.

The setlist from what I remember:
My Name Is Jonas
Don't Let Go
Dope Nose
We Are All on Drugs
This Is Such a Pity
Why Bother?
Perfect Situation
Big Me
Hash Pipe
Buddy Holly
Beverly Hills
El Scorcho
Surf Wax America
Say It Ain't So
Island in the Sun (acoustic)
Undone (Sweater Song)
Song 2

Looking back, they played more songs than some headlining bands do. What a rock and roll extravaganza! When Weezer was done, I felt fulfilled. I knew I had already had my money's worth. The Foo Fighters would simply be a huge bonus deal.

The we prepared for the Foo. I went back to my seat early to make sure I didn't miss the opening song. They went outside to smoke and then to get more beer. I couldn't drink alcohol for this experience. I was high on life!

When the lights went down, the crowd went wild with anticipation. Suddenly, the guitar ripped into the opening of "In Your Honor", the new album's opening track. The curtain's went up to reveal Grohl and co. and a fantastic stage setup. There was an oddly shaped screen on either side of the stage showing the band members playing, with some sort of filter over it to make it look like a messed up film. There was a long screen across the top of the stage setup that would turn different colors depending on the mood of the song which really help the light show. Whatever color came onto that screen would light up the entire main floor audience. They also used this screen to flash "Foo Fighters" across the screen throughout the night.

"In Your Honor" is a slow starting (but loud) song that builds up and gets faster. Perfect opening.

Just like Weezer before them, the Foo Fighters seemed so happy and excited to be performing for us. Dave was smiling most of the time like a band on it's first headlining tour (though obviously this wasn't the case). He seemed so taken back by it all.

I never imagined the Foo Fighters could put on such a good show. I would say it was more of a greatest hits show than an advertisement for their new album or anything else. The only songs they played that wouldn't make up a Foo's Greatest Hits collection were the opening song and "Up In Arms", an oldie but goodie that starts off slow and turns into a punk-like diddy. One of my personal Foo favorites. Then they also played another song off of the new album sang by the drummer.

I like the way they did "Everlong". Dave did most of the song acoustic, then for the final chorus, the rest of the band joined in and just ROCKED. There was so much energy building in the crowd during the acoustic part, you could FEEL it. Then when the band rocked out, the crowd went NUTS. I couldn't even contain my excitement. Even up in the stands, we were jumping around like idiots.

Another highlight of the show is my favorite song of the Foo Fighters more recent work, "Times Like These". It sounded so perfect in concert, just like I would've expected. So much emotion in that song, I love feeling it. And of course my favorite song off of the new abum, "Best of You" sounded better than perfect in concert. I could not believe how good this sounded.

The setlist from what I remember:
In Your Honor
All My Life
Best of You
Up In Arms
Learn To Fly
This Is a Call
My Hero
The One
Stacked Actors
Cold Day In The Sun (with Taylor the drummer on lead vox)
Times Like These
Everlong (acoustic turned rock version)
Monkey Wrench

I feel as if I'm missing something here, but that's what I remember. At one point in the show, Dave Grohl talked about his past in Detroit. "Anyone see us at St. Andrews back in the day? Yeah, we fucked up that place a cuppla times. How about the State Theatre? Yeah, we fucked it up a few times. Anyone at Cobo a couple years back? Well those were nothing compared to the rock and roll extravaganza we have planned for you tonight." He must've been right, because an extravaganza it was. I can't really imagine it being better than it was.

With the exception of "Up In Arms" and the acoustic version of "Everlong", the rest of the show was just all out hard rock and roll. I never realized the Foo Fighters were such a hard rock band. They turned up the energy like crazy on every song. Even if songs were sort of in the middle on the album, they sounded like hard rock anthems in concert.

One of the most interesting parts of the show was when Taylor the drummer sang his song off of the new album. Obviously, someone had to play drums and obviousl it was Dave. Now I don't know if you knew this or not, but Dave Grohl was the drummer of this little band that was around in the 90s called Nirvana, which is where he found his fame. Being that he was one of the most popular drummers of the 90s and seeing him beat up the drumset live in concert was quite an honor.

Bravo to Dave, Nate, Chris, and Taylor for exceeding my expectations as live performers. I am more of a fan of the band than ever before. I may have owned all of the albums previously, but I now have so much more respect and love for them than previously. And of course thanks to Weezer for opening such a great show and playing their hearts out for the fans. I really appreciate it.

Overall, probably one of the best arena shows I've EVER seen.

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Saturday, September 24th, 2005
11:45 am
New Pornographers/Destroyer/Immaculate Machine@the commodore,923/05 Vancouver,BC
let me start by saying, the last week has been very odd for me. I have been discovered by my federal government, then undiscovered(apparently) again. Money is involved. A lot. I should have it, and i dont, and its not my fault.
Also, intentions were had today. Signals got crossed Wires got mixed. Wait, scratch that, reverse it. THings worked out in the end, but....i needed this show to be phenomenal. I needed this month of transitory weirdness,love trouble, money trouble, and amorphous nonsense to make sense some how. To culminate, come to a head. My ears, they ring.
I have just spent five hours surrounded by:a drunk girl whose "wooooo" was simultaneously haunting and annoying,until i turned around and was practically slapped in the face by her tit falling out of her top, a drunk guy who kept yelling for neko case solo songs(she ain't gonna play lady pilot(or lamey piggot, as the drummer shouted back at one point) no matter how loud you get), and my doppleganger and his sexy asian girlfreind. She had glasses. That somehow made her sexier x100. And that she was dating Alternate Universe Liam(aka what i'd have looked like had i not shaved before going out this afternoon) was a nice ego stroke.
So, then, the music.
Immaculate Machine played first. They're from Victoria. Carl Newman's neice is their singer. They are the greatest new wave band since Squeeze. It's like if every song Squeeze ever did was as immediate and fun as Pulling Mussels from a Shell, they would be this band. Check em out, if you can. Their singer is also the second keyboardist for the NPs. I bought their new CD. It should be kickass.

Destroyer played next. This is essentially the pet project of one mr. dan bejar(pronounced bay-har, unless you're neko case, in which case it rhymes with ajar. They're basically what it would sound like if isaac brock fronted a more rock-oriented sonic youth. I hate them on record. They sound samey, and his voice annoys me. However, there was something about them live that was undeniable. "An Actor's Revenge" and a song i think he called "speedbumps" were especially good. The set seemed to go on a bit long, though.

Finally, around 11pm, the new pornographers came out. Carl Newman in a cool looking sonic unyon shirt, neko case in a crazy ass stevie-nicks, sleeves past the floor butterfly dress(she said there was another one for the keyboardist, but there was so much sleeve she couldn't fit it in the suitcase:P). They opened with the title track off their new Twin Cinema album, and ran from there. two and a quarter hours and some twenty-some-odd songs later they closed with a phenomenal "Jackie" from their debut, Mass Romantic. In between there were many highlights, including All for Swinging You Around, the drummer singing "Break on Through". Misleading Dan Bejar into thinking he'd been drug onstage to sing "tubthumping". The best part for me though was their impromptu(or seemingly so) cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Thunder Only Happens When it's Raining". Usually, i hate the Mac. Lots. I was raised listening to Stevie Nicks, and there's always been something.....billygoatish about her to me. Were i to see her, bearded, being herded by a sherpa, it would not surprise me. But Neko Case, somehow, carried it off. The nine foot sleeves and twirling helped. There is such a sense of joy to this band's music. Even the songs about depressing horrible things, like decaying relationships and alcoholism and whatever "Jackie Dressed in Cobras" is about....its done in such a way as you cant help bouncing around shouting rhythmic nonsense until you find out what the words are. I think the keyboards are this band's real secret weapon, and Neko Case's voice, which could make a telephone directory sound sexy. i also like that their guitarist sorta looks like Mike Judge, or at least someone who'd been drawn by him.
I had the MOST fun at this show, i'm sore from midspine down and couldn't be happier

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
10:29 am
Our Lady Peace at the Royal Oak Music Theatre (Michigan) on 9-19-05
We arrived there in time for the end of the second band, Rock and Roll Soldier. Eh. They weren't very good. They were kinda punk, but not in a good way. I was content with missing most of their set. We watched them from the balcony.

We headed down to the main floor before OLP came out and I was glad we did. Although I'm short, we were able to get a good view by standing on one of the stairs.

Our Lady Peace came out around 9:15, starting with "Picture" off of the new album. A strange choice, considering it's a slow one that most people don't know. But a bit of a warmup I suppose. The lead singer, Raine Maida, was sporting a little hat and a new full beard. I didn't recognize him at first, he's usually clean shaven. Their backup guitarist had long curly hair and I could not help thinking in my mind "It's David Daskal from Average Joe: Hawaii!!" This thought played over and over in my head througout the show.

After the first song, they busted into "Starseed" which riled up the crowd. This was their very first single back in 1995. (in fact it was almost exactly 10 years ago that I saw OLP for the first time open for Sponge and Candlebox at the Palace) They led into "Innocent" for the third song, which is one of my personal favorites. Great emotional song, one of the better performances of the night.

Their setlist went something like this:
Angels Losing Sleep
Wipe That Smile Off Your Face
Love And Trust
Will The Future Blame Us
Where Are You
4am (mostly sung by the crowd)
In Repair
Somewhere Out There
Superman's Dead

The encore was probably the best part of the show. The biggest disappointment of the show was the fact that they played mostly new stuff. I'm not a huge fan of the new album. It's pretty sub-standard compared to the stuff they were doing a few years ago. I guess changing guitarists and producers will do that to a band. I do enjoy their new album to an extent, but I would've enjoyed hearing more off of "Spiritual Machines" (2001) and at LEAST a song or two off of "Happiness Is A Fish You Can Never Catch" (1999), my favorite two OLP releases.

However, they did manage to squeeze in "In Repair", which is possibly my very favorite song by the band.I have a special connection with that song and it was beautifully performed live. I like what Raine does with his voice in songs like that, I love the lyrics, and the music is just amazing. Hearing them play that song pretty much made my night.

Otherwise, it was a greatest hits/new stuff show, which is pretty much the standard on 90s bands these days. They play the stuff that made a name for them, then they advertise their new stuff. I'd much rather be able to hand-pick their setlist and get a bunch of stuff that they missed this time around, but damn, no matter what they play in concert, it always seems to come out really really well. Lots of energy and emotion. You can tell they really care about what they're playing and they enjoy it, which I love to see in a live band. This was the 6th or 7th time I've seen Our Lady Peace. Never been disappointed.
Friday, May 6th, 2005
12:14 pm
Weezer in Detroit - May 5, 2005
Well, tonight was the Weezer concert! Needless to say, it was great. That's either the 7th or 8th time I've seen them, and I've never been disappointed. Dave and I left early to get in line so we could get some seats and a good spot on the main floor.

We parked at Greektown, thinking we would take the people mover over to the State Theatre. Well, it was out of commission tonight, so we had to walk. It was only about a mile, not too bad. We saw the line from the distance, and even though we were there an hour before doors opened, the line was pretty long. Shortly after we jumped in line, Dan, Jamie, and Spoonman joined us. I had an extra ticket to sell because Kirsten was supposed to go with us, but she ended up not being able to make it. Now I'm not the type to try to sell a ticket outside of a concert, I'm just not very good at it. But Jamie had Kev's ticket (he couldn't go because his band was playing a show in Flint tonight), so Jamie had a ticket to get rid of also. As people walked by, I yelled "anyone need a main floor ticket?" and felt like that annoying guy outside of a concert trying to scalp tickets. I also yelled "I got em real cheap, just need to get rid of em!" But to no avail. I was stuck with it. Jamie and I even walked up and down the line asking people, but it was a no go. Finally, this girl standing behind us who had a balcony ticket said she'd give me $10 and her balcony ticket for my ticket. I said I'd take $20 and it was over.

So I only lost half the money for that ticket. Ah well, I learned my lesson. However, the rest of the night was smooth sailing. Everything went according to plan. We went into the State Theatre and went straight to the tables and chairs. We grabbed two tables and 5 chairs and pulled them up to the railing next to the sound booth. It was perfect. Best view I've ever had at that venue. On occasion, a few of us would leave the table to go to either get food, beer, smoke, or to the bathroom, and the rest of us had to "guard the table". It was like we had set up camp. Everyone around us was jealous. Those poor people all wanted our seats, but they really should've come an hour early like we did. I will go that early for any State Theatre show for now on, it was completely worth every minute of waiting!

The opening band called Ringside was decent. They sounded like Coldplay, Travis, and a little bit of Keane. Not much Weezer influence at all, but they were enjoyable. I was surprised when Spoonman agreed with me that they were good (he's into a lot heavier stuff usually) and Dave liked them too.

When Weezer hit the stage, the place went nuts as expected. They played mostly old crowd favorites and a few off of the new album. Brian, the other guitarist, sang "Getchoo", which was strange, so it actually sounded like a cover of the original. That was interesting. The best performances of the night were definitely "In the Garage", "No One Else", and "My Name Is Jonas". I also really liked "We Are All On Drugs" and "Peace", but most of the new stuff didn't draw the greatest crowd's response. That's probably because only a few of us have access to the new album right now. ;) It doesn't get released for sale until next Tuesday.

All in all, a great show though. I was unhappy about Rivers' lack of enthusiasm for the show, that always hurts the performance factor at a concert, but his bandmates made up for it and they always sound excellent on stage, regardless of how they look.

Tired of Sex
In the Garage
Pardon Me
Buddy Holly
No One Else
Hold Me
Say It Ain't So
Island in the Sun
We Are All On Drugs
Beverly Hills
Haunt You Every Day
Hash Pipe
My Name Is Jonas

Undone (Sweater Song)
The Good Life
Thursday, February 10th, 2005
10:48 pm
Concert Memories (15)
Boegies and Tröckener Kecks
Burgerweeshuis, Deventer, Late 1987

I was 17 and a fan of the Kecks, a new and upcoming Dutch band. Coming from a small town I had never been to a club to see a concert, this time I got permission from my parents to go. Together with Ben, a friend from the next village, we took our bike and went to Deventer, nearly two hours in a cold winter night. Everything for our new favourite band.

We were early, obviously. One soft drink before the gig, then into the concert hall to get a good place. We were lucky: front row was still possible. First we had to wait for the opening act of the evening. A punk band from the north, I had seen them on TV once, a song titled ‘Meh’ which immediately has the whole title as lyrics. Standing on the front row I saw their play list, which they had written down on a sheet and cello taped to a speaker in front of them. Nearly thirty songs, I was amazed. In my head I started calculating (as I love to do), an hour and a half at least, then reset the stage, the Kecks, encore and two hours cycling again, this could become a long night.
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Thursday, November 4th, 2004
1:57 pm
Avril Lavigne, 11/03/04 at the Palace of Auburn Hills, MI
I had bought tickets to the show a couple of months back. I am a fan, for sure. I first heard her new album back in May on Rhapsody and was pretty blown away. For a pop/rock album, this one is way up there. But there was one song I heard called "Freak Out" that I heard which made me know I had to see this concert when I could. Although parking was FIFTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS at the Palace (WTF?), that was the last bad thing that happened the whole concert.

Butch Walker was the opener. A good choice, I must say. I've listened to his stuff a few times and I also have two of this former band's CDs - they were called The Marvelous 3. They had a hit single back in 1998 called "Freak of the Week" which is an undeniably catchy tune. But Butch didn't play it for whatever reason. That's okay, his solo stuff is a bit different. He was pretty good, but not excellent. I think American Hi-Fi was his backup band, which was sorta cool.

I was impressed with how quickly Avril and her band made it to the stage. Most bands take way too frickin' long. She broke into the show with "He Wasn't", admittedly my least favorite songs on the new record, but it was good to get the crowd pumped up. It's one of her faster guitar-driven songs. Next, she immediately jumped into "My Happy Ending" which is a good one, but I was surprised she played it so quick.

The set list looked something like this, definitely not in the exact right order:
He Wasn't
My Happy Ending
Skater Boy
Freak Out
Together (Avril on piano)
Forgotten (Avril on piano)
Who Knows
I'm With You
Tomorrow (acoustic)
Nobody's Home (acoustic)
Song 2 (Blur cover, sung by Butch Walker w/ Avril on drums)
Don't Tell Me
Slipped Away (a good ending with just Avril on piano)

The Song 2 cover was only decent, but it was fun. I like seeing bands have a good time on stage like that, you could tell they really enjoy just screwing around and having a good time.

I must say though, Avril is much better looking in person. Hmm. Another thing - I really enjoyed the fact that most of the crowd were little girls....it was the first time I've ever been on the main floor that I could see the entire stage PERFECTLY throughout the whole show!! We were up pretty close, but as many people that were in front of us, I was never not able to see what was going on! I loved that.

It was a great show, it was fun, energetic, not TOO loud like most concerts are, and exciting to watch. I like most of her songs so that helps too. I mean, the girl played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, and drums. I know that there are plenty of musicians that can do all of that, but most of us commonfolk can't, so that impresses someone like me. She's definitely a talented musician and songwriter in my eyes....and she knows how to get a crowd's energy level up. I'd see her again.
Friday, March 5th, 2004
7:18 pm
British Sea Power show on monday
going to see BSP in Toronto on monday at the horseshoe. Anyone seen them/know anything about the quality of their live show?

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
8:52 am
this likely doesn't belong here but
does anyone know anything about when tickets for the may 14th david bowie show in london ontario go on sale? I am DESPERATE to go, as its close to my birthday, and i have wanted to see bowie since i was eight. i called the woman and she was a total hooer about the whole thing...*sigh*
*crossed fingers*
Saturday, January 31st, 2004
1:26 pm
buck 65 @ starlight lounge, waterloo, ontario - 29.01.04
I saw Mr. Stinkin Rich a few nights ago and I have to say it was sort of a scary $15 spectacle. Upon entering the Starlight Lounge, my beautifully designed ticket was revoked from the ticket-taker. I was hoping to keep it because I like doing that, alas, disappointment number one. Then, as I was attempting to orient myself amongst a cluster of people and parkas, I found myself being hit in the arm my a girl with a 'quirky' hat: "Hey. Take a button." So I did. "Buck 65," it read. "Oh. Free stuff - suspicious yet righteous," I thought. Still trying to find my way through the throng, I was accosted AGAIN. Another Warner rep, another funny hat - fantastic. "Yo - if you fill out this postcard with your vitals and a story about a roadtrip, you could win !" I said politely that I didn't have a good roadtrip story, so no thank-you. Then I was accused of having no imagination - so I filled out a postcard that said, "Buck - what's with the postcards?" and was promptly asked if I wanted my picture taken with Buck 65 for the internet. I declined.

This first bit put me in a rather foul mood.

After what seemed like an oddly long period of waiting, the Ratfish made his way out and true to his 'funky octogenarian' style, put on a pleasing but slightly awkward (what was with QOTSA's "No One Knows" as the background music for "Food"?) show. It might have been the audience, it might have been the heaving plethora of Warner reps.. who knows? But this concert reeked of artificiality and Buck 65 was definitely not living up to previous performances.


Near the end Buck got good and his stories got better. This guy has excellent stage presence. Another redeeming factor: for an encore, he did a great montage of songs from his previous work (interestingly, these CDs have all been rereleased by Warner - I wonder if he was put up to it?). If you ever see him, ask him to tell you the one about 'Greltch'.

And tell him to lose Les Vaudevillains - they didn't jive.
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